A pinch of our passion


Inspired in the colors and flavors of the Colombian Tropic,TROPICAL PASSION offer you a  selection of special products made from natural tropical fruits and selected cacao. We would like to offer a unique experience of quality and flavor and we want to highlight the beauty of the tropic and its natural diversity.


All the ingredients that we use in our products are of Colombian origin. We have a commitment to our countryside and our producers


We elaborate our products from selected natural fruits. We do not use preservatives, colorants, or artificial flavors


We offer innovative and truly healthy products. The basis of our manufacture is the best fresh fruit, selected, sanitized and prepared under an unprecedented technique developed in TROPICAL PASSION. Based on traditional knowledge. We avoid the use of substances harmful to health. The products for children and our line of Snacks To Go have no added sugar. We prefer not to give to our children and for this reason we do not place it in the products that we elaborate for you. In our line of Chocolate Flowers we use chocolate with high percentage of pure cocoa and low in sugar.


They are the soul of the company: women who place their dedication every day to carefully prepare the products of TROPICAL PASSION. We want them to grow and achieve their individual purposes.


  • We are careful with every detail in the elaboration of our products, to guarantee an excellent quality. We have developed a technique to fabricate fruit leaves that is the basis of our manufactured artistic creations.
  • We are concerned about generating the least possible environmental impact, both in production and packaging. The packaging is mainly made from sugarcane paper, with a biodegradable seal.